Better Investment Returns Are Right Under Your Nose

As we start to think about end of financial year (I know – too soon right?) its time to make sure we are getting the most from our investment.

It amazes me the number of people who are missing out on potentially thousands of dollars in lost investment potential, just through basic miscalculations. Lets have a look at some things you can do to ensure you are getting the most from your investments.

I came across an article in a recent BMT broadcast that got me thinking about what we could be missing out on.

Investing is all about having the right team, investing the right money in the right place and getting the best returns from your investment.

The article states “According to the latest statistics released by the Australian Taxation Office, 2.8 million property investors claimed deductions relating to their rental property in the 2012-2013 income year.”

The problem wasn’t that investors were claiming their deductions but that based on averages uncovered by BMT they are probably under-claiming.

The Numbers

Of these investors the total average depreciation / capital works claim made by property investors was $3,292, in that year.

The article stated that more people were making claims on the previous years, but the averages claimed showed little change.

However, based on data collected from tens of thousands of BMT’s depreciation schedules, the average deductions found within a BMT Tax Depreciation Schedule during the 2012-2013 income year were $9,076 for both plant and equipment and capital works, an increase of $5,784 that investors could be claiming.

An Extra $50 Per Week

So if we take this increase in claimable deductions and multiply it out over a year owners who claimed the correct amount were on average able to get $50 per week back in their pocket.

If you multiply this out over the cost of the loan the amount becomes even more stark.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you have investment property or a considering investment property it is vital you are armed with the best information possible. Appropriate reports, deduction schedules and other information can arm you to get the most of your investment and increase your rate of return.

Talk to Portfolios Property today if you think you could be doing a whole lot better with your investment property/s.

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One Thing Wildly Successful People Do Really Well

What is it about success and knowing what is best to do? Or not…

It’s true that those who are successful know how to set priorities to get what they want. But what about the truly successful – here’s one thing they do above and beyond setting priorities. They prioritise NOT doing stuff.

We all know about to do lists – as a mate says – do it, dump it, diarise it. I have had to do lists shoved down my throat for years – I don’t like them and I am not very good at it, but I do it because I know it works.

However its also true that there are plenty of things we should NOT do that we do that effectively wipe out the benefits of our to do lists.

The bottom line is that as human beings we a creatures of habit. In fact its thought around 90% of our lives are lived based on cues and responses, an auto pilot of sorts.

The To Don’t List

As a coach I spend a lot of my time helping people re-program their auto pilot, or better still learning to switch it off and take control of their lives.

I love this idea that I should be aware of my to don’t list. It was beautifully summarised in an article I read recently, written by Thomas Corley*. He based his finding on a five year study of rich people.

“A to-don’t list is a daily list that includes things you should never do because they are either time wasters, bad habits, or things that hold you back from having a happy and successful life.

To-don’t lists are just as important as to-do lists. The rich in my study fostered success in their lives by diligently doing certain things every day … and diligently avoiding certain activities.”

The reality is most people are not successful in life because they don’t intentionally switch off the auto pilot and take control of their flight path. Much of it is lack of awareness – some is driven by fear.

So what should you put on your To Don’t list today?

– Time wasters – social media, TV, other pursuits
– Negative thinking
– Filling your day with too much stuff
– Emotional Drainers – envy, greed, pride
– Physical addictions

The list could go on.

What Do Yo Want?

Much of coaching starts with looking at what someone wants then identifying and removing barriers that stop them getting there.

If you want to be successful today – after you have developed your to do list perhaps you should critically examine – or as Jim Collins** calls it “confronting brutal reality” – and examine those activities which stop you getting where you need to be.

Your to don’t list could be the best list you write today.

Write it down, pursue it diligently, make a difference.

Jono Brake – International Strategic Leadership Coach and Entrepreneur


Jonathan (Jono) Brake has partnered with Paul Pritchett and Portfolios Property to bring you Health, Wealth and Yourself.  Health Wealth and Yourself is a space where you can connect with us on a more personal level, get great investment and lifestyle tips. Paul is a speaker, coach and multi property investor of 20+ years. Jono is an international strategic leadership coach and entrepreneur, an Aussie, currently living in USA who works with evolving leaders all over the globe. 


* Source –
** Reference – Jim Collins “Good To Great” – Harper Collins Publishing

Influence Part Two – Learning The Tactics Of Influence

What is influence and why is it so important? From running a major business to doing the next deal, to leading our families, influence and understanding how it works is vital. We all have influence over something and if we can learn to use it better we can get more of what we want.

We have been looking at some of the key principles of influence. In this article we look at the next group. In this article we take a more tactical approach to influence and leave you with some great questions to ask of yourself and coach you around your influence.

Tapping Into Envy

Not a favourite with me – however if you look at much of the emotional sell of scarcity it is all about creating envy that leads to people making decisions to remove that envy. Envy is very real in creating influence a very powerful tool as we try to “keep up with the Joneses”

Your belief systems will fuel much of the way your life functions – especially subconsciously. What do you need to believe to have greater influence in your life? This is a great question that influencers ask every day. On the other side of the coin, getting people to believe something about you immediately creates influence in that space.

Questions – Ask yourself what do I need to believe to generate influence in my life?

Killing Buyers Remorse With Justification

We discussed generating genuine desire in the first part of this article. In that we talked about people making decisions first with their hearts(emotions) and then back filling with logic. If you can develop a way of appealing to heart and providing the logic to make the decision complete you will be able to exert influence. No clearer place is this evidenced in property purchase. As investors we know that purchasing with our heart is not the best strategy, however, you need to imagine that property being loved by your tenant, this will increase its capital gain as well.

Question – what is the emotional and logical connection you need to make to have influence?

Can I Trust You?

Trust is crucial to having influence over anyone or anything. Trust is the capacity to rely on someone or something to achieve a result. There is an underpinning of trust based on the expectations and needs of the people we influence and the promises we make either implicitly or explcitly to them. Gaining trust is critical, people know when they don’t trust. Important here is people don’t trust objects as much as they trust the person in the process.

Question – What expectations or needs does the people being influenced require?

Building Rapport

As an investment coach and mentor this is the most important factor of influence. Rapport. This is when we make both a conscious and a subconscious connection with the person we have influence over. There are many techniques for building rapport including mirroring, active listening and mindfulness. Self awareness is key. Rapport is purely in the people to people transaction of influence.

Question – what can I find out about building rapport with people that will give me more influence

Make It Simple

A great key to having influence is keeping the message simple. I like to use what I call the 14 yes. Can what I am communicating – written or oral – be understood by a 14 year old? This might seem extreme but a lot of influence is lost in the communication. If I make something complicated then there are more reasons not to take action. Keep it simple.

Question – is my influence understandable? Would a 14 year old get it?

Delivering Ownership

The greatest influence you can have is when the people you are trying to influence have a sense of ownership over what they are doing. Quite often when we are trying to influence we get influence confused with control. If we are more of the controlling type this is quite common. People buy into ownership, its true in the workplace, its true in our personal relationships. If you want to be truly influential and be a great leader, make sure those following you buy in to what you are on about.

Question – what techniques do I need to learn to be able to give my followers a sense of ownership?

What Next?

Understanding influence and our part in influencing others, and events is core to any coaching relationship. If you want to find out how you can have a greater influence in your life then why dont you talk to Portfolios Property today, we can discuss you and your requirements and how this all fits together in your investment plans.

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Influence – Part One – Understanding Emotional Buy In

Understanding Influence

Influence is so important not only in getting what we want but to also know when we may not be getting what we want.

Over the next few weeks we will unpack a number of ways influence is brought to bear, how to identify it and how to exert it.

In part one here we talk more about the emotional buy in – understanding that we need to create a space for people to be influenced.

The Principles Of Emotional Influence

Working With Emotions

We all understand this one in principle. Remember the last property you bought that you just loved. It was like you could picture yourself living there.

We are told not to buy property on emotion – unless it is our own place of course – however we always do it. Whether we exercise empathy and imaging a great tenant in the property or simply fall in love ourselves.

There are some dangers in buying on emotion and in and of itself it is not the best method.

That being said emotions always tell a powerful story to the person we are trying to influence. They are designed to connect at a deep and personal level early on – we always make our first decisions based on emotions.

When buying or selling we should never forget this fact. If you are selling an investment property and want top dollar you need to consider the buyer, they will fall in love first and do the numbers second. So prepare the property well, stage it professionally, remove tenants if you can. Emotion gets people to come back.

Getting Attention

Grabbing attention today is difficult, hence why getting the emotional buy in is so important. However you still need to stand out, the numbers need to add up.

There are plenty of funky ways people today try to capture attention, just look at the range of advertising that is on TV today, let alone online with creative such as viral campaigns.

Review all your options to grab attention, be armed, if you are selling a property make sure the agent is also on the same page. Look at their previous track records. Insist on the best advertising options, look for innovation in their lead generation techniques.

Building Curiosity

In marketing is is all about taking a buyer through the attention – interest – desire – action model. Getting people to engage so you can get them to take action.

Not to be rushed to the finish line building curiosity is all about piquing someone’s interest taking them to the place of desire.

What have you got on offer that will build curiosity? You want to be that home that has buyers lining up for the first open, or in my case calling before the open. Many properties sell in the first few hours, although the negotiations and transaction may take a week or more.

Generating Genuine Desire

The next step in the interest stakes is to take a person from interest to action. Desire is the emotional connection people make before they take the logical step of action
– remember people always make a decision based on their emotional pull before they will join the dots logically.

What enticements are on offer, what is it about your property that will stand out from the rest. Sell the sizzle not the steak, as they say. People know what the product is but what kind of lifestyle will it bring? What will it do for another investor?

Generating desire is so important if you want people to take action towards a purchase.
In part two we will look at one to one context when it comes to influence including using envy, understanding beliefs, helping people justify their purchase and building trust.

See you then.

What Changes To Property Investment Loans Mean To You

There is opportunity in everything. I have had a lot of people ask me about the changes to Australian lending rules around investment loans.

Firstly – let me tell you this is not a time to push the panic button – but a chat with an property investment professional like Portfolios could really help.

Here’s why, and what you should do…

APRA – the Australian agency responsible for prudent financial regulation, has given new guidelines for the banks to follow. Their goal is to curb lending to slow down the property market.

What’s Really Going On?

To call it as it is – APRA did not tell the banks to increase rates – but to cap its book of investment loans, so the banks have responded and put up their rates normally. The way I see it, the banks are making more money and there is less money for people.
Banks have reduced loan-to-value ratios (LVRs) on investor loans. Westpac, for example has dropped investor loan LVRs from 95% to 80%. Investors must be able to service loans at higher than 7 per cent (a 2 per cent buffer). Some banks have also reduced the rental yield they will consider when looking at serviceability.

What Does It Mean For You?

Lenders will now pay up to 1% more to the banks opening a gap between the basic investor and those who are more astute and able to cope with interest rate increases. According to an article in the AFR first-time investors without the equity and cash flow to satisfy the banks’ new requirements will be the ones most affected. It will widen the gap between rich and poor even more.

Creating Uncertainty

The changes are creating an unusual period of uncertainty between lenders and borrowers, particularly for investors who have employed a particular investment strategies. At this stage this uncertainty will settle as investors seek out more cost effective strategies. It will likely have little impact on foreign buyers as they will bring their own money to the deal.

Should I Still Invest?

The supply of investment loans will still be there. The other side of the market is smaller non bank lenders and private funds which still fall way below the 10% cap and stand to benefit from this gap by being able to offer competitive rates to investors.

Take Action And Maybe Get A Better Deal

The important thing for you is to talk to Portfolios, we can talk to a range of lenders and find a deal that is right for you and your strategy.

Remember the cheapest deal is not always the best, however if you are finding you current investment loan costs increasing, now is a perfect time to review.

Every lender is different – let Portfolios make it easy for you.

Take Action Below

FREE initial meeting to discussion your options:


Some Less Known Productivity Detractors

With life getting busier productivity is becoming the new currency of success.

We have a lot of competing pressures in our lives – some brought in from outside and others self inflicted. So what are some of the less obvious things that can reduce our productivity?


At home or in the office clutter is becoming the norm. It seems our homes no longer have enough storage, garages no longer house cars and our workplaces are becoming more and more cluttered out of what we think is necessity. A tidy mind needs a tidy environment.

Busy Family Lives

I watched a recent documentary called “Frantic Families” on SBS. It was fascinating that the lives of three families – who were massively oversubscribed with activities – deal with a “slow family” expert. It always amazes me that parents will do so much, and all in the name of giving their kids the best, only to rob them of being kids. As a family man I make family a priority but also need to limit activities both for myself and my children so we can focus on being a family and having the time out we regularly need.

Time Wasters

Wasting time has become a national pastime. Seemingly with busier lives we are becoming even better procrastinators. We procrastinate for a bunch of reasons from fear of failure to fear of success and everything in between. Have a look at your schedule – where are you wasting time? Too much TV? Reading too much? On Facebook? Or perhaps joining the average family who drives over 16,000km pa for their kids activities.


You know those people? The ones who suck the life out of a room just by entering it? Ok not that bad but we all know someone who can be counted upon to whinge, complain or gripe about something. The truth is that negative people breed negative energy. If you want to combat this energy, from these people I call the drainers, then you need to find positive, forward thinking and happy people to be around. Just being in the room with these people can change you.

What Does It Mean For You?

Being clear on what you want and what it will take to get that is really important. It will help you understand who you are and define great goals to bring happiness and success to your lives.

Improve Your Finances Today – 7 Immediate Actions

Tackling your finances…

…like tackling anything requires a few simple steps that will not only get your finances under control, but also help them grow.

So lets look at 7 actionable ways you could get things moving today.

1. Get Comfortable With Wealth And Money

What do you believe about wealth and money? Well the truth is this is one determinant of generating real wealth. You need to be comfortable with money and having wealth and look into why this may not be the case.

2. Dream Big

Now you’re belief system around wealth and having money are in the right space how big can you dream? Don’t hold back – get creative on how you would create your identity around money and wealth.

3. Back It Up With Self Talk

And what does self talk have to do with it? Well I think everything. What you tell yourself is intricately linked to your belief systems and your dreams. It will also determine the actions you will take and what you will get. So visit your self talk and develop some new scripts to change the way you think.

4. Set Great Goals

The key to getting what we want is setting great goals and taking action. Goals are closely tied into building our own sense of self esteem. So perhaps its time you set some great goals.

5. Budget, Budget, Budget

So the part of taking action that is most important is setting in place a good budget. Attention to detail is important when managing your finances, a well thought through budget is key to moving forward.

6. Avoid Surplus Spending

Those three coffees today, that purchased lunch, two meals out each week… where are the simple changes you can make to curb personal spending? It all adds up – put a personal spending limit into your budget and stick to it. Take your lunch to work – buy better coffee for the office – meal plan and shop well.

7. Watch Your Savings Grow

We need to save first and spend later. Put your surplus into higher yield investments that are generally lower risk – like property. The problem with the current financial climate is getting a decent savings rate with your bank with the cash rate being so low. So shop around and see what’s possible. Talk to a financial advisor or talk to Portfolios Property.




Adapted from 8 Ways To Improve Your Finances Today – source 

Sleep At Night – Positive Gearing For Investors In Medowie

It is hard to find a positively geared investment property that has a real foundation for excellent future capital growth.

A property that has demand for both owners and renters with little stock around for either and lots happening locally to make your investment decision easier.

We’ve Found It For You – Medowie NSW

There is plenty going on in and around Medowie.

Only 10 minutes away there is around $1 billion worth of development going on at Newcastle Airport, RAAF Williamtown including jet fighter contracts. Other projects include a $380 million AGL power upgrade with new airport hotels and airport support businesses.

Along with many major industrial and infrastructure projects on the north side of Newcastle, new local shopping centres in town and schools, all only 25 minutes to Newcastle CBD.

The Centre Of Growth In The Hunter

Medowie and the Pacific Dunes Estate property are squarely placed in the centre of the Hunters value boom. The opportunity has been confirmed by Residex naming Medowie in the top 10 property investment locations for 2015.

So What Can You Get?

We are offering a 4 bed, 2 bath DLUG house on 700m2 lot. It is a turnkey project with council approval and builder ready.


Your Last Chance – $20,000 under current values

Paul is completing a spec build project next door. The lot is our last piece of stock we have at this price point. All you need to do is pick the internal colour scheme, the rest is done for you including frequent video updates.

As a special our turnkey price is more than $20,000 under similar properties currently on the internet.

Finalise your due diligence and get straight onto this.

Benefit from the complete property solution Portfolios Property brings from strategy to bricks and mortar.

Make It Happen

If you are looking for a secure positively geared investment property in the right place showing all the signs of future capital growth and where all the hard work is done for you. A project where all aspects; land, finance, managed builder on a tight contract and on completion property management, tenant selection, depreciation, insurance and tax – all with one point of contact.

Next Steps

Leave your details in the form below. You will be sent an email outlining the next steps – we will be in touch.

5 Things Successful Property Investor Couples Already Know

What Sets Apart Successful Couples And Finance?

With finances the leading cause of divorce – how can you strengthen your significant relationships against financial stress?

Mark Bouris, Executive Chairman of Yellow Brick Road outlines five keys to managing successful relationships and finances.

Successful couples:

1. Now each other’s money type.

We are all different – if you have different spending or saving patterns then own up to it. Money means different things to different people so get clear, understand your values around money.

2. They Agree

So you understand where your partner is coming from now and they understand you, now for the agreement. Should you have joint finances, separated finances or perhaps a combination? Allow some play for the spenders and some security for the savers. What is your contingency?

3. They Stick To The Plan

Success comes to those who work hard and stick at it. Couples must discuss their plans for the future – what are your goals? Who do you need to get around for structure and accountability?

4. They Pay Off Debt Sooner

Its proven that couples who commit to paying off debt are happier. This is tied in with goal setting, also the peace of mind knowing you are future proofing your assets as best you can. They also know if the unthinkable happens they have managed their risk and are well protected.

5. Communicate

True in life, true in finances. All successful relationships involve clear and constant communication. Couples should not hold back anything from each other – get vulnerable – agree on a plan if a separation might occur. Transparency is the key here.

Portfolios Property is all about delivering on your financial goals through property investment. We help you sleep at night by providing all you need to be able to set great goals for your financial future and follow through.

If you are a property investor, or thinking about it, and want to discuss your future, talk to Portfolios Property today.


Source – Sun Herald 24 May 2015

What If Everything That Happened To Us Was Our Choice?

Truth is – this is true… let me explain!

There are basically two ways to live your life. One is by making your own choices, and owning them and the other is by submitting to the choices of others, and allowing it to dictate your outcomes.

I call it living by choice or submission. My coach trainers called it cause and effect – either way you either live above or below the line.

This is not a new concept – above and below the line living occurs everywhere we look.

Living By Submission

Let’s start below the line – living by submission. When I live by submission I am effectively resigning control for my outcomes to someone or something else.

Here’s some of the language; nothing is my fault, people don’t understand me, I am not able, I am not good enough, I have been treated badly in the past…. the list goes on.

When I live in submission I am driven by fear of failure or rejection, I will commonly feel sad, angry and frustrated, I will be pessimistic about the future because I feel there is no hope now.

Common Submission Language

  • I cant…
  • I don’t have…
  • You don’t know what I’ve been through…
  • I’m a failure…

Living By Choice

The truth is I can choose my outcomes – in fact by not making a choice about my outcomes I make a choice.

When I am living by choice my inside life, my thoughts are serving me well. Even if I make a bad decision – I know I made it, I own it, I learn from it and move on.

When I live in choice I am driven by my why, my passions, by hope. I will commonly feel happier, more hopeful and driven by what I can achieve. I will be optimistic about the future because I feel there is always hope.

Common Choice Language

  • I choose to… (or choose not to… saying no is equally above the line)
  • I have what I need and keep looking for more…
  • Things have been tough but here’s what I learned
  • I may have failed but check out the feedback I have…

Having A Bad Day

We all have days where things don’t go well for us. So when you are there what choices are you going to make? What do you need to own that put you there in the first place. How is you state of being – and what do you need to do to change it?

Ask yourself – what is stopping me getting what I want?

What’s This Got To Do With Property Investing?

Who do you think makes an ideal property investor? What income does it take to get into property investment? How do you get into investing?

Basically what things are you telling yourself that stop you taking the next steps? Maybe you need to start making better choices. Take positive action.

Some Great Takeaway Questions

Take some example of where you might be below the line:

  • Am I aware if I am living by choice or submission?
    • Am I just looking at this issue at face value?
  • What responsibility do I need to take for being below the line
  • Work on skills to change your state
    • Acknowledge the problem
    • Talk through the greatness of this situation
    • Set actions to change your state
  • Know that nothing happens until you take action

Knowing this and working on what will get you above the line – making and owning your choices – will make your life more rich and rewarding.

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